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Out of Pocket, in the Picture: Your Healthcare Deductible and Imaging, Explained

American Health Imaging

Typically, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for some services, including diagnostic imaging scans, until you reach your healthcare deductible. The post Out of Pocket, in the Picture: Your Healthcare Deductible and Imaging, Explained appeared first on American Health Imaging. As a result, if [.]

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The Government Wants Your Input on Consolidation in Healthcare

Ben White

For reference, Welsh Carson also owns US Radiology Specialists, which has purchased several outpatient imaging chains over the past few years including Touchstone, American Health Imaging, and Gateway Diagnostic Imaging.


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Radiography, Research, and You

The British Institute of Radiology

There is often research aimed at improving and advancing the field of diagnostic imaging. Currently there are trials into new scanning techniques; new equipment with the potentials for dose reduction and/or improved image quality and patient experiences; and the use of AI in imaging and reporting.

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A Roadmap to Enterprise Imaging

The British Institute of Radiology

Steve Holloway Steve Holloway, from Signify Research explores the daunting challenge of navigating the road to Enterprise Imaging. Cloud technology is transforming how we live and work today.

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How X-Rays Improve Your Overall Health

Professional Radiology

The Role X-rays Play in Your Overall Health Not only were x-rays a major milestone in medical history but they eventually paved the way for some of today’s advanced imaging techniques such as MRI and other diagnostic imaging methods. Yet, this process continues to play a significant role in maintaining people’s health.

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Innovation Through a Pandemic – How to survive when there’s nothing to report

The British Institute of Radiology

Dr Gareth Davies describes the massive impact the COVID 19 pandemic had on elective cross-sectional reporting, reducing output to almost zero. Here he reflects on how the drive for innovation and the motivation to think differently led to a better teleradiology service for both patients and staff.