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Understanding the Importance of Screening Mammograms

The Radiology Clinic

Amidst the battle against this disease, screening mammograms emerge as a crucial tool in early detection and effective treatment. In this blog, we delve into the significance of screening mammograms, their procedure, their benefits, and why they are essential for women’s health. What is a Screening Mammogram?

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Your Mammogram

Professional Radiology

Maybe you recently decided to try the best 3D mammogram experience in El Paso, have recently moved, changed doctors, or acquired new insurance, and are now going to our imaging center for your annual mammogram. In this case, the radiologist may recommend a diagnostic mammogram. So, why are these prior images so important?

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Pandemic prompted an increase in negative mammograms


The COVID-19 pandemic prompted an increase in the rates of negative mammograms in both screening and diagnostic settings, a study published November 14 in the Journal of Radiology Nursing found. They also found a decrease in the proportion of negative diagnostic mammograms.

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Your First Mammogram: What To Expect

Capitol Imaging Services

Although a mammogram can not prevent cancer, it can help to diagnose cancer when it is treatable. In today’s post, we share some information that will hopefully put you at ease about having your first mammogram. How do you prepare for a screening mammogram? Ask us questions. Know before you go!

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Survey says most women skip their recommended mammogram

Health Imaging

Women cite a lack of time as the primary reason for not scheduling a mammogram, according to a survey from one large health system.

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New Deep Learning Challenge to Estimate Breast Density from Mammograms

Imaging Technology

The challenge aims to develop an architecture capable of automatically estimating the breast percentage density from mammograms. The challenge calls for the development of a new deep learning architecture that can overcome these limitations and automatically estimate the area-based breast percentage density from mammograms.

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AI Algorithm As Good As Human Readers at Screening Mammograms

MedImaging Radiography

A comparative study of the performance of an AI algorithm with human readers of screening mammograms suggests that AI can provide comparable sensitivity and specificity to human readers,