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AuntMinnie 2003: SalaryScan survey: Subspecialization pays off for radiology professionals


Our top article from 2003 shared results from our SalaryScan survey, one of AuntMinnie's most popular editorial features. AuntMinnie's CompHealth SalaryScan survey collected data from over 4,500 radiology professionals in a six-week period between December 2002 and January 2003. The survey found that U.S.

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2023 Word of the Year

Ben White

I first discovered Cory Doctorow eons ago via his unique science fiction novel set in Disneyland, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (which he somewhat famously simultaneously traditionally published commercially and also released for free in 2003 under a Creative Commons license, and which has been available for free ever since).

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Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation: UCSF’s Center for Molecular and Functional Imaging

UCSF Biomedical Imaging

In 2003, the Center for Molecular and Functional Imaging (CMFI) at China Basin Landing opened its doors with San Francisco’s first 3T MRI and two 1.5T clinical scanners, followed a few years later by a cyclotron which launched our in-house radiopharmaceutical program.

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Private equity buying up a growing share of cancer care clinics

Radiology Business

Between 2003 and 2022, PE platform companies poured money into 724 oncology operators, or about 10% of all locations.

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US Oncology Network chief to become ASTRO CEO


From 2003 to 2020, he served as regional medical director for Texas Oncology, where he managed a 60-physician practice in the Houston region. Kavadi plans to leave his current role as chief radiation oncology officer for the US Oncology Network to lead ASTRO, where he has been a member and served in various roles since 1994.

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CDL Nuclear Technologies Launches New Mobile Cardiac PET/CT Trailer

Imaging Technology

In 2003, CDL Nuclear was born, and we are making offering Cardiac PET easier than ever before; an expansion of our existing services now includes bringing cardiac PET to your doorstep and making it possible to offer patients this advanced, accurate and highly requested diagnostic modality.

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REBEL Core Cast 117.0 – Infections of Pregnancy


Sheridan (2003). Suggested regimens include: Ampicillin AND Gentamicin AND Clindamycin OR Metronidazole Update tetanus vaccination Usually requires dilation and curettage to remove any retained products of conception or foreign bodies. References: Abbrescia, K. “Complications of second and third trimester pregnancies.”

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