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Radiologists are not adequately disclosing their financial conflicts of interest on social media, study charges

Radiology Business

"Physicians should apply the same principles of disclosure that they do to academic publications, conferences and their general practice,” researchers contend.

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Backwards to the Future: The Return of the Radiology Oral Boards

Ben White

But the ABR did reiterate that their hope for the Certifying Exam is a better demonstration of the skills needed for general practice. The content will include critical findings as well as common and important diagnoses routinely encountered in general practice. The takeaway summary at the end of that short post?

Radiology 130

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12-08-22 Veterinary E-News Magazine

Diagnostic Imaging Systems

TOP NEWS How the helium crisis impacts vet medicine By: Katie Robertson Liquid helium has gone from $17 per liter in December 2017 to between $65 and $70 per liter in June 2022 Read More AVMA seeks feedback on draft guidelines for humane slaughter By: Jennifer Fiala Veterinarians who are association members have until Jan.

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The MQSA Final Rule 2023: What Exactly Changed and What Do I Do Next?

Mammography Educators

Begin using this checklist to review and update your policies, procedures and general practices to ensure you are compliant by September 10, 2024. Who else appreciates a good checklist? I LOVE checklists! The following is a checklist of items to get you started.

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Challenging Patients & Situations Part 1: Positioning Tips

Mammography Educators

NOTE: I do not promote having the patient bend or lean in for the CC or MLO on patients with large breasts or other patients in general. There may be times that this is necessary, but in general practice, I would not recommend this as it could mean the exclusion of inferior breast tissue on both views.